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Cellmano Biotech Limited


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Room C608, Chiyuan Venture Park, Kexue Ave& West Wangjiang Road

Hot products

  • Snap-8/ Acetyl Octapeptide-3, 868844-74-0
  • Nafarelin, 76932-56-4, 86220-42-0
  • Octreotide, 79517-01-4, 83150-76-9
  • Fertirelin, 38234-21-8, 66002-66-2
  • Dihexa, 1401708-83-5
  • Eptifibatide, 188627-80-7, 148031-34-9
  • Ornipressin,3397-23-7
  • Melanostatine-5, Nonapeptide-1, 158563-45-2
  • MOTS-c, 1627580-64-6
  • Ipamorelin, 170851-70-4
  • Somatostatin, 38916-34-6, SRIF
  • Lysipressin,50-57-7
  • Aviptadil, 40077-57-4
  • Triptorelin, 57773-63-4,140194-24-7
  • K 41498, 434938-41-7
Cellmano is specialized in researching and developing solid phase synthesis methodology. Cellmano has many years experience in researching, developing and manufacturing by solid phase synthesis. Cellmano provides not only peptide to the customers all the world, but also custom synthesis for peptide according to the requirement from the customers. Cellmano has state-of-the-art labs armed with excellent instrument for synthesis, purify and analysis. Cellmao control the quality by Checking the materials, supervising produce process and finally QC. Cellmano keep all the synthesis records ,purify methods and analysis result for every batch product with staff and time in the archives.Synthesizing by classical solid phase mothed invented by Prof. Bruce Merrified and purifying by HPLC instrument, Cellmano supply the customers with excellent products while with reasonable price to help the customers to cut down their cost and shorten the time. Cellmano is trying her best to complement the inventory for more than 2000 popular products,in the future Cellmano make all the customers can get what they need in one week from Cellmano's inventory. Also to meet diverse request from different customers for different projects, Cellmano provide custom synthesis for peptides from mgs to 100gs with the purity from crude to 98%.
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