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Fuzhou Enchain Webbing Corp., Ltd


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Bldg. 2, Jinghai Industrial Park, Guantou Town, Lianjiang County, Fuzhou, Fujian, China

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Fuzhou Enchain Webbing Co., Ltd. is situated at Guantou Economy Development Zone in Lianjiang of Fujian,Website:http://www.enchainwebbing.com, China, close to the national highway, super-highway and other important transit hubs, its geographic condition enjoys the unique advantage, as it is convenient and prompt in transport. Company is the professional enterprise that integrates the research, development, production and sale of all kinds of webbings and their finished products. It has the perfect production equipments, technicians with high science and technology, professional team of development and production, and excellent sales team, and it is one of Fujian provincial cadre enterprises in lifting and loading products.
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